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Pacific Shores Center, Redwood City

A series of interactive experiences involving coordinated design, fabrication, assembly & installation efforts from multiple teams.

The Google Experience Center is a series of interactive moments, allowing clients and guests to explore the company’s expansive areas of technology through various hands-on, sensory experiences.


How can we incorporate local experiences with Google's technological background?


Surrounded by Redwood Forests, trails, parks and shorelines; it was necessary that we incorporate the unique natural elements from the surrounding area.


Finding ways to incorporate technology in subtle, indiscreet methods, creates a calm sensory experience driven by curiosity. Similar to the experience of walking through a Redwood forest, constantly looking to see what the next trail-bend might reveal while the natural surroundings provide a sense of calm.


Creating experiences that encourage shareable & memorable moments; whether the moment is shared with a friend- or shared with the world via social media.



Incorporate the unique, natural elements of the surrounding area.


Subtle tech, heavy experience.


Encourage & support shareable experiences.


Combined lighting elements welcome & guide visitors


A series of arching elements through a zig-zagging hallway inspire curiosity



Entering the Lobby, (3) Rings resembling the cross-section of a Redwood Tree, are suspended from the ceiling. Ranging from largest (16' Dia.) to smallest (10' Dia.), the rings' position and diminishing size guide visitors' eyes toward the front (check-in) desk. Each ring is rough on the exterior face, much like the bark-face of a Redwood. The sap-wood detail and interior is lit with controllable LED bars



Accompanying the Chandelier Rings, are hundreds of multi-colored glass-blown spheres. Most of which have an integrated circuit-board allowing for customized light control. Additional pine-cone lights are also implemented throughout the array of glass-blown spheres.These lighting elements provide continued directional assistance to visitors entering the lobby, as they continue to stretch down and over the front (check-in) desk. 

Chandelier Design Lead: Steve Gurysh

Fairy Light Design Lead: Justyna Ausareny, Toby Fraley, Carl Bajandas

Technical Integration: Jordan Parsons, Remy Porter, Greg King

Design & Production Team: P. Zach Ali, Brian Shope, Adam Haller, Craig Schuer, Greg King



Beyond the check-in desk, visitors continue through a hallway toward the Concourse. The zig-zagging pathway inspires curiosity: traditional hallways offer a direct line of sight from entry-to-exit; a less exciting experience. The walls within this space span back and forth, eliminating direct sight-lines. This almost forces the User to focus on the immediate experience within the hallway. Subtle, indirect "peek" views of what exists beyond the hallway create a sense of excitement while passing through.



Several arching elements span from one wall to the other, creating a cave-like feeling. The arches, clad with walnut veneer, include an acrylic edge-detail with flexible LED strips sitting just below. An opening onto the bare wall  was created as a projection surface; unifying the experience for events, showing relevant company logo's and/or branding.

A motion sensor between each arch allows for motion-programming of each LED strip. As a visitor walks through, each arch may be programmed in a variety of methods to create a more personal experience.

An entirely separate effort/team, coordination of special lighting throughout several spaces simulates light shining through a forest canopy. More fully stimulating and fusing several experiences and senses into one.

Design Lead: Steve Gurysh & Sam Rashid

Technical Integration Team: Jordan Parsons, Remy Porter

Production Team: Brian Shope, Adam Haller, Ethan Gladding, Dave Mysilwiec, Ryan Schrmack, Zora Gilbert


Starry ceilings open into a Redwood Tree Grove



The concourse appears in the distance, as visitors begin walking through the Portal. Custom-printed circuit boards with programmable LED's line the ceiling in a spontaneous pattern. These lights can be programmed for insane light shows, but primarily provide a subtle-glimmer that represents starlight.



Entering the concourse, a group of trees surround a digital campfire. The campfire seamlessly combines motion graphics across multiple tablet and phone screens. By default, the screens show a campfire, but the graphics can be customized and may change depending on what is asked of the Google Home Assistant hidden at the base. Programmable LED's shine through the resin-filled cracks of (6) logs that surround the digital campfire- inviting visitors to sit, and tell stories.



Surrounding the campfire, (3) Redwood Trees grow from the floor to the ceiling. The trees are created with an array of "tree-fins", with programmable LED's running on the interior of each fin. Each tree is unique, ranging in diameter (4', 5', 6'), profile, & fin count (5, 7, 8). From a distance, visitors preview the roots and base of the trees. However, as they approach the campfire, the ceiling opens and provides a full view of each tree, stretching 30' onto the ceiling. Viewing from the outside of the building, one can also see this "full-preview" through the wall of glass on the north wall of the concourse. Second-floor residents also enjoy a wonderful view, as the surrounding glass-walls provide a view from above.



It's only natural, that visitors eyes track the trees progress from the floor, up, and into the ceiling. The Grove ceiling carries the flow of each tree-fin across the ceiling, with a voronoi canopy stretching across each void. Capturing the relateable, omnidirectional visual-experience of wandering through the Redwood forests.



Staggered throughout, tree branches counterbalance between each  tree-fin. The (47) fully adjustable branches range in size and length, stretch incredibly close to their surrounding glass and drywall; giving the impression that the trees are not bound by their environment. The branches are seated into structural steel braces that prevent lateral movement; but, also provide a stable platform for servo motors. These motors, drive the branches up-and-down, as if the wind is streaming through the trees. Although the movement is not directly created by wind, it can be directly affected by wind streaming through each of the 10' tall garage doors that open to the outside, on each side of the concourse.


Design Lead: Jordan Parsons

Technical Integration: Jordan Parsons, Remy Porter


Technical Integration: Jordan Parsons, Remy Porter

Production Team: P. Zach Ali, Jordan Parsons, Carl Bajandas, Brian Shope, Steve Gurysh, Toby Fraley


Design Lead: P. Zach Ali

Technical Integration: Jordan Parsons, Remy Porter, Greg King

Design & Production Team: Steve Gurysh, Greg King, Carl Bajandas, Brian Shope, Adam Haller, Ethan Gladding, Ryan Schrmack, Zora Gilbert, Brian McDonald, Toby Fraley, David Mysliwiec


Design Lead: Carl Bajandas, P. Zach Ali

Design & Production Team: Greg King, Carl Bajandas, Brian Shope, Adam Haller, Ethan Gladding, Ryan Schrmack, Zora Gilbert, Brian McDonald, Craig Scheuer, Toby Fraley, David Mysliwiec


Design Lead: Ethan Gladding, P. Zach Ali

Technical Integration: Jordan Parsons, Remy Porter, Greg King


Topo Map 01
Grove 01
Chandelier Sapwood & Google Sign
Grove Branches & Ceiling 01
Grove Branches & Ceiling 02
Grove Branches & Ceiling 03
Grove 02
Grove Ceiling 01
Grove Ceiling 02
Grove 03
Grove Branches 01
Grove Branches 02
A view from the Grove
Portal 01
Portal 02
Inside the Trees
Chandelier & Fairy Lights 01
Portal Assembly
Chandelier & Fairy Lights 02
Chandelier Detail 01
Constellation Lights 01
Grove Branches 03
Inside the Trees
Inside the Trees
Inside the Trees
Inside the Trees
Inside the Trees
Inside the Trees
Inside the Trees
Inside the Trees
Inside the Trees
Grove Branches 04
Grove Branches 05
Inside the Trees
Inside the Trees
Grove Ceiling 03
Grove Ceiling 04
Grove Branches 06
Chandelier & Fairy Lights 03
Grove Ceiling 05
Grove Ceiling 06
Grove Assembly
Portal 03
Grove Assembly 01
Grove Assembly 02
Grove Assembly 03
Grove Assembly 04
Chandelier Detail 02
Grove Assembly 05
Chandelier Detail 03
Grove Detail 01
Grove Detail 02
Portal 04
Grove Assembly 06
Grove Detail 03
Grove Detail 04
Chandelier & Fairy Lights 04
Chandelier & Fairy Lights 05
Chandelier & Fairy Lights 06
Chandelier & Fairy Lights 07
Chandelier & Fairy Lights 08
Chandelier Detail 04
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